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A short trip on memory lane

Surlinio was founded in early 2014 by Bas. Initially, we helped companies manage their social media, but we soon discovered that many customers' websites were not mobile-friendly. Since one of the goals of using social media is to drive more visitors to your website, we quickly started building mobile-friendly websites. We have now delivered over 600 websites.

We have also grown rapidly in the field of social media management. Our social media consultants are not only experts in the use of social media, but really work as an extra team for our clients.

Since 2018 we also have SEO & SEA specialists and copywriters on board. We now can provide a full service solution for our customers in terms of their online presence. We manage this with 17 permanent employees and a number of freelancers and partners with whom we have been working together for years.

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Full service

You want to focus on running your own business, right? Leave your website and online marketing to us and you no longer have to worry about your online visibility. We provide a full service solution so that your website is always up-to-date and your social media channels communicate with your target group in a fun and professional way.

Change something on your website? You email our support department a new text or photo and we will ensure that your website is updated within 24 hours (usually within 10 minutes, during the day). Need some inspiration for your social media? Our social media team creates visuals and text content on a weekly basis to communicate about your business with your target group. In addition, our SEA specialists and SEO copywriters ensure that you are found even better online.


Our website and social media specialists deliver the best quality to be optimally visible and findable online. They use the latest software and are continuously trained with the latest updates on websites, programming language and social media techniques and tricks.

Corporate social responsibility and sustainability

We support charities, start-ups, athletes, musicians and social activities as part of our corporate social responsibility. Often locally in the vicinity of The Hague, but also nationally. In addition, we strive to minimize the negative impact of our company on the environment and ecology. We do this by using the most optimal software platforms to optimize the power consumption of our servers, encourage working from home where possible, minimize office spaces, use public transport where possible and share our other transport as much as possible.

Check out some of our sponsored activities here.

100% CO2 neutral

Surlino has been completely CO2 neutral since 2022. We plant 48 trees annually in the project rehabilitation of tropical forest and habitat of the orangutan on Borneo of Trees for All.

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