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About us

Surlinio was founded in early 2014. Initially, we helped companies manage their social media, but we soon found that the websites of many customers were not built for mobile use. Since one of the objectives of using social media is to send more visitors to your website, we started building mobile friendly websites. We have now built and deployed over 400 websites.

We have also grown rapidly in the field of social media management. Our social media consultants are not only experts in the use of social media, but really work as an extra team member for our clients.

Since 2017 we also have (SEO) specialists and copywriters on board, and we fully relieve our customers of their work on their online presence, now with 14 permanent employees and a number of self-employed people we have been working with for years.

Since 2020 we have been a recognized training company for HBO and MBO.



We started in the tweede binnenhaven of Scheveningen, and we still have our headquarters here, but today we serve clients throughout The Netherlands and Europe.

Involved and no bs

Our communication style is direct and informal, and although we sometimes build extremely complicated solutions, we don't speak mumbo jumbo. Are you looking for a professional, involved and no-nonsense online agency, then you have come to the right place.

Oh, and we do not charge insane amounts. Our services deliver significantly more value than theit cost.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

We support charities, startups, athletes, musicians and social activities as part of our corporate social responsibility. Often locally in the area of ​​The Hague, but also nationwide. In addition, we strive to minimize the negative impact of our company on the environment and ecology. We do this by deploying the most optimal software platforms to minimize the power consumption of our servers, whenever possible encouraging working from home, and sharing our transportation as much as possible.

Want to know more?

Please be advised that all prices mentioned on our website are monthly 'starting from' prices. Usually we can deliver the service or product for the amount stated on the website, but there can be circumstances or special requirements that may result in additional costs. If so, you will always be informed about this before we start the project and you have approved the adjusted quotation.