Surlinio , giving back

Corporate Social Responsibility

We support charities, startups, athletes, musicians and social activities as part of our corporate social responsibility. Often locally in the area of ​​The Hague, but also nationwide. In addition, we strive to minimize the negative impact of our company on the environment and ecology. We do this by deploying the most optimal software platforms to minimize the power consumption of our servers, whenever possible encouraging working from home, and sharing our transportation as much as possible.

Support Casper

The Support Casper campaign is part of the Survival with Pancreatic Cancer Foundation. We support Support Casper with promotions, e-mail campaigns, social media management and the construction and management of the website.

Ronald mcDonald

The Ronald McDonald Children's Fund has been helping sick or disabled children and their families in the Netherlands for over thirty years. We support Ronald McDonald The Hague with social media and the website of the entrepreneur's club.

Chemotherapy via the chemo pump, also called Hepatic Arterial Infusion Pump (HAIP) chemotherapy is a new treatment method for cancer patients in the Netherlands. We've built and maintain the website.

Children in Lembang

Children in Lembang Foundation aims to get as many children as possible to enjoy better education in the Indonesian village of Lembang, which increases the chance of a job, and therefore a better life. We build and maintain the website.

The livernetwork

The liver network is a collaboration between the oncology and surgery departments of Erasmus MC, Albert Schweitzer, IJsselland hospital and the Amphia hospital. These are the four hospitals in the Southwest Netherlands region to which patients with colorectal liver metastases are referred and treated. We build and maintain the website.

Sara Wennekes

Sara Wennekes is Dutch Surfing Champion. She is currently focusing on Windfoiling, the windsurfing class for the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. We support Sara financially and build and manage her website and social media.

ADO Powerwomen

The ADO power women know better than anyone how to live a healthy life and how important exercise is for you. That is why they also give workshops on nutrition and exercise in addition to football clinics. Everything with the aim to let girls and women in the Haaglanden region experience what it is like to be a "POWER WOMAN"! We build and manage the website for ADO women.