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All websites and webapps ware built based on PHP, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3 and MySQL / SQlite. As a responsive CSS framework we use Bootstrap or Material Design as a base, and for some projects we also use a number of commonly used JavaScript libraries or frameworks. Even if these terms are mumbo jumbo to you, they are all technologies that build 95% of all websites worldwide.

For you, that means that the continuity of the websites and apps that we build is guaranteed, because we do not use obscure programming languages, but the most used technologies on which the internet is built.

We monitor and maintain your website 24x7, so before you realize that a problem has occurred, we have already solved it in most cases.

Our support team is available 24x7 in the event of serious disruptions or calamities.

Are you curious about how your current website performs in terms of search and speed?

Complete the website scan and we will send you a free comprehensive report within 72 hours which your current website supplier can use to improve your site. And if your supplier can't figure it out, he or she can always call us.

Service from Surlinio, free of charge.

Free website scan


All websites and apps run on our 'own' servers at TransIP in Amsterdam and Delft. These so-called BladeVPS PureSSD servers ensure a stable and scalable set-up, so that when your website or app suddenly receives a lot of visitors, we can immediately scale up your server. Daily, weekly and monthly backups are made of your website or app, so that we can immediately restore your website or application in the event of a malfunction or application error.

Our hosting platform is exclusively used for our own website and application customers. Companies cannot sign a hosting contract with us and install a self-built website or applications on it, so we know for sure that our servers will only run websites and applications built by us. As a result, we have been able to achieve 99.95% uptime for our customers in the past few years without incidents involving data loss.

And we do everything we can to keep it that way.